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How chatting with a friend

How do I start chatting with a friend?
To open a chat with friend:
1. Click Chat at the top of any page
2. Click the name of the friend you want to
chat with
3. Once you open a chat with a friend, type
your message and click Send or Reply to
send it
If you don't see your friend's name, they're not
currently available to chat. Click Messages at
the top of the page to send them a message
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How to guide for Facebook

The How-To Guide for
Our Facebook guide delivers expert analysis
on the latest Facebook developments, helpful
tips, tricks and how-tos, and the latest
updates on privacy, Facebook apps and more.
By Kristin Burnham
CIO | Feb 12, 2013 7:00 AM PT
Facebook How-Tos and Tips
How to Collect $10 From Facebook
Facebook settled a class action lawsuit
that sets aside $20 million for users whose
image or name was featured in Sponsored
Stories advertisements. Here's how to find
out if you qualify for a paycheck.
How to Use Your iPhone to Make Free
Calls Via Facebook
Facebook Messenger for iPhone now lets
you place free VoIP calls to your friends--
as long as they, too, have downloaded the
app. Here's how the new feature works and
how to use it.
How to Give a Gift on Facebook
If you have last-minute holiday shopping
to do, you might want to check out
Facebook Gifts. Here's how the service
How to Ensure Facebook Posts You Want
to See Aren't Hidden
A change to Facebook's algorithm means
you're probably not seeing posts from
businesses and brand pages you've liked.
Here are step-by-step instructions for
changing these settings.
How to Stop Unwanted Facebook Updates
in Apple's iOS 6
When you upgrade your iPhone or iPad to
iOS 6, your Facebook friends' contact
information and birthdays are
automatically synched with your Contacts
and Calendar. Here are step-by-step
instructions for cleaning up the clutter.
How to Block Annoying Political Posts on
Tired of the political flame wars that pop
up in your Facebook News Feed? Here's a
Google Chrome extension that deletes
them from sight.
4 New Websites for Cool Facebook Cover
Searching for the perfect cover photo to
complete or spruce up your Facebook
profile? These four new sites offer stock
images, original designs and customized
photo collages.
Inside Facebook's Hackathons: 5 Tips For
Hosting Your Own
Facebook's all-night innovation sessions,
which have produced features such as
Timeline, Chat and the Like button, attract
hundreds of employees. See what
Facebook has learned from its hackathons
and how those lessons can apply to your
Sponsored by PA
What Does It Take
to Make a Learning
Experience Personal?
How to Add Organ Donor Status to
Facebook's new App Center is set to
launch, but are you ready to be seen? Here
are four steps you, and all Facebook
developers, must follow to ensure your app
is included.
Facebook Developers: How to Get Admitted
Into the New App Center
Facebook launched a new profile feature
that it hopes will solve the organ donation
crisis. Here's how to sign up to be a donor
and add it to your profile.
4 Facebook Tips to Cut News Feed Noise
As Facebook green-lights more Timeline
apps, expect your News Feed to get even
more crowded. Here are four easy ways to
bury the clutter and bring to the surface
more of what's important to you.
How to Use Facebook 'Offers' to Market
Your Business
Facebook's newest feature lets business
page admins create and target coupons
and discounts for their Facebook audience.
Here's how to get started with Offers, plus
six handy tips for creating a successful
5 Tips for Using Facebook's New Promoted
Promoted Posts is the newest advertising
feature to hit Facebook business pages.
Here's what you need to know about it,
plus tips from Facebook on how to use it
5 Websites for Cool Facebook Cover
If you're looking to add a unique, personal
touch to your Facebook Timeline, check
out these sites for stock images, original
designs and customized photo collages.
How to Use Facebook's New 'Interest Lists'
Facebook's new "Interest Lists" feature lets
you subscribe to user-generated lists on
topics that matter to you. While it has
potential, it also has glaring problems
Facebook needs to fix.
A How-to Guide for the New Facebook
Business Pages
Timeline has finally come to Facebook
Pages. Here's a look at how the features
differ from your personal Timeline and how
you can best optimize them to market your
business and communicate with your
5 Facebook Timeline Changes You Can't
Wait to Make
Facebook gives you seven days to make
changes to your Timeline before it goes
live for all to see. Here are five things you
should do in that time, from aesthetics to
removing content.
4 Facebook Security Tips to Stay Safe in
As Facebook hackers execute more
sophisticated attacks, you need to be sure
you're protected. Here are four tips from a
security expert to keep your Facebook
account -- and your personal information --
safe in the coming year.
3 Facebook Tricks to Personalize Your
If you want to get fancy with what you
share with your Facebook friends, these
three tips let you further customize tags,
edit links and collaborate with others.
Facebook Privacy Tip: How to Disable
Sharing in Social Reader Apps
Some Facebook users are unintentionally
broadcasting their reading habits to their
network. Here's how to find out if you've
added one of these social reading apps
and how to adjust your privacy settings.
Facebook Tip: How to Create a List for
Have Subscriptions overrun your Facebook
News Feed? One way to separate
subscription updates from your friends'
updates is to create a list. Here's how to
make one in five quick steps.
Facebook Tip: How to Block Annoying App
and Event Invites
If your Facebook account is overwhelmed
with miscellaneous application and event
invitations, here's how to quickly and
permanently remove them.
Facebook Tip: How to Restore Your Email
Notification Settings
If you noticed you're no longer receiving
emails when people friend you or post to
your wall, you're not alone. Here's what
Facebook changed, and to bring back your
original settings.
Facebook Subscriptions: 5 Warnings
Curious about Facebook's new Subscribe
button? Beware these five pitfalls before
jumping in.
Facebook's New Friend Lists: 6 Things
You Need to Know
Facebook just launched a new feature that
lets you quickly group friends into lists to
make sharing with certain people easier.
Here are six important facts you should
know before you get started.
Facebook Video Calling: How to Get
Started and Adjust Privacy Settings
Facebook has some new features,
including a partnership with Skype that
will bring video calling to users. Here's
what you need to know about the new
video feature and how to adjust your
privacy settings.
10 Essential Facebook Tips and Tricks for
All Users
Make your account more secure,
manipulate your personal settings and
more, with these ten Facebook tips and
tricks that every user should know.
Are You Exposing Your Private Facebook
Here's how I discovered my "Limited
Profile" list was visible, and how you can
ensure yours is private.
Facebook Quick Tips: How to Hide Recent
Activity; Shorten Status Tags
Facebook's newest features unclutter your
activity stream and simplify tagging.
Here's why it's useful and how it works.
Facebook's Constant Tweaks: 5 Ways to
Stay Up to Date
For Facebook users, the only constant is
change: The social network tweaks its
security and privacy settings and features
all the time. Check out these five official
Facebook groups that help keep you in the
Facebook Privacy: How to Block Facial
Facebook now automatically recommends
that your friends tag you in photos when it
recognizes your face. Here's how to opt-
out of this feature.
Facebook Combats Spam, Clickjacking,
With Four New Security Features
Facebook beefs up its security measures to
ward off spammers, clickjackers and
malware. Here's what you need to know
about Facebook's latest efforts to protect
users from malicious software.
Your Guide to Facebook's Social Inbox:
What You Need to Know About Messages
Facebook's take on unified
communications -- it's new Messages
platform -- has many skeptical of its
relevancy and use. As more users are
gaining access to the feature each day,
here's what you need to know before you
make the change.
Facebook Updates Profile Pages: Navigate
the New Features
Facebook introduced an entire overhaul of
profile pages that features a new interface
and several new additions. Here's a tour of
what's new and how you can upgrade.
New Facebook Groups: 5 Key Facts
Facebook announced Groups, a new
feature that lets a small number of people
share and chat privately. Yes, privately.
Here's what you need to know about
Facebook Quick Tip: Clean Up Your News
Your Facebook News Feed can get littered
with a lot of junk: annoying FarmVille
updates, friend confirmations and inane
fan page announcements. Here's how to
take control and see only what you want.
Facebook Tips: How to Stay Safe While
Using Games and Apps
The maker of the popular FarmVille game
has agreed to change its practices that
subjected Facebook users to some scammy
offers. But the more games and apps that
you use on Facebook, the higher your risk
for malware, phishing scams and hacking.
Here are four tips for staying secure.
Facebook Tips: How to Get Your Facebook
Vanity URL
This weekend, Facebook will make it
possible for you to have a customized URL
of But
think carefully, because you only get once
chance at this. Here's a step-by-step guide
on how to change it tonight.
The New Facebook: Three Easy Tips for
Sorting Through the Noise
Thanks to Facebook's recent redesign, a
massive amount of content continually
flows down the middle of your Facebook
homepage. How can you keep up with it,
never mind find the bits you really want?
From Friend Lists to RSS feeds, here are
three great ways to ignore what you don't
want and find what you do.
How to Improve Your Facebook Profile:
Play it Smart With Friends and Potential
Think LinkedIn is the only social network
that potential employers use to find and
judge you? Wrong. Here's how to improve
your Facebook profile to be more
considerate to your friends, plus play it
safe and smart with present and future
work colleagues.
Facebook Etiquette: Five Dos and Don'ts
Facebook and other social networking sites
can create an uncomfortable overlap
between your personal and professional
life. We show how to manage your
Facebook profile so it can work for both
business and pleasure.
Facebook How-To Tip: Do Damage Control
on Unwanted Photos
While it's easy to control what information
ends up on your Facebook profile, you
can't control someone from posting a
photo of you (even the not so flattering
ones). In this Facebook tip of the week, we
look at how you can minimize the damage.
Facebook How-To Tip: Manage
Applications on the New Facebook
Confused by all those new tabs in
Facebook? In this Facebook tip of the
week, learn how to manage Facebook
applications wisely and ditch apps that
you no longer want.
Facebook How-To Tip: Manage E-mail
In this Facebook tip of the week, learn
about e-mail notifications, how to set
them, and the important option that can
help you stop damage from photos before
it starts.
Facebook's New Search Engine: What You
Need To Know
Facebook just made changes to its search
tool that take clear aim at making the
social network an alternative to Twitter for
real-time conversations. But the best news
is more the ability to search for content in
your Facebook network of immediate
Facebook News
Facebook Users to Take a Break From the
Social Network
According to the Pew Research Center, 61
percent of Facebook users have taken a
voluntary break from the social network.
This year, 27 percent plan to spend less
time on the site. Here's a look at those
and other statistics from its most recent
When Worlds Collide: Do More Facebook
Friends Mean More Stress?
A new report finds that the more Facebook
friends you have, the more stressful your
life likely is. Is it difficult for you to
manage your Facebook persona?
Facebook Wants to Build Dissolving Data
Are cardboard computers in our future?
Facebook and Purdue University are
partnering to take green IT a step further
by developing the first biodegradable
server chassis.
Dumping Facebook: Why More People Are
A report from Capstone Investments finds
that the number Facebook users has
declined over the last several months.
Have your habits changed?
It's a Small World: Facebook Slices
Separation to 4.74 Degrees
According to a new study by Facebook, the
social network has cut the degrees of
separation between people from six to
4.74, making the world of Facebook
smaller than it may seem. Take that, Kevin
Facebook Tops 1 Billion Users and Hits
Mobile Milestone
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced
today that the social network reached 1
billion active monthly users. Here's a look
at the video Facebook produced to
commemorate the occasion, plus several
new statistics.
Facebook Redesigns Messages, Adds
Search and More
To fix its clunky messaging platform,
Facebook is rolling out a redesigned
interface and a few features intended to
make it more user-friendly. Here's what to
Facebook Employees React to IPO on
What did those in the middle of the action
have to say about Facebook's historic
IPO? Take a look at some of their
Facebook posts.
15 Fun Facebook Facts and Stats on IPO
How well do you know the $100 billion
social network? From private planes to
petabytes, here are some of the most
surprising Facebook tidbits.
Facebook Launches 'Offers,' Adds Coupons
to Your News Feed
Facebook Offers, the social network's
newest feature, lets businesses you like
send you coupons and deals through posts
that appear in your News Feed. Here's
what you need to know about the feature
and how to manage it.
18 Staggering Stats From Facebook's IPO
From private jets to stunning salaries and
jaw-dropping user data, here's a look at
some of the most surprising facts from
Facebook's IPO.
Facebook's IPO Filing Reveals Technology

Find friend on Facebook

How do I find friends on Facebook?
After you join Facebook, there are a few ways
to find your friends or invite them to join:
Search for friends
You can search for your friends by typing their
names or email addresses in the search bar.
Learn more about adding friends.
Import your contacts
You can import your list of contacts from
other places (ex: your email account, your
phone) and we'll find your friends for you.
After Facebook imports your contacts, you'll
have the option to send a friend request to
any of your friends that already have a
Facebook account or send an invitation to
friends who aren't on Facebook. Learn more
about importing your contacts.
Invite friends individually
You can also invite your friends individually
from the Invite Your Friends page. Enter the
email addresses of anyone you want to invite
and add a personal message (optional).
Note: When you invite friends to join
Facebook, we'll save a list of those contacts
so you can see who you invited and send
reminders. You can always manage your list
of contacts and control the invitations and
reminders those friends receive.

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how to created a Facebook accounts

How do I sign up for Facebook?
If you don't have a Facebook account, you can
sign up for one in a few steps:
1. Go to
2. Click Create New Account
3. Enter your email address or phone number
4. Fill out your name, gender, birthday and
5. Click Sign Up
Once you sign up, you'll need to confirm your
email address or phone number. We'll send
you either an email or a text message to help
you confirm your account.
Get help if you didn't receive a mobile
confirmation code or if you didn't receive your
confirmation email.